Energy Savings

Energy Savings with Energy Efficient Windows

How much do your old leaky windows really cost you? There are many reasons to replace your windows, but none as compelling as saving money.
Use our energy savings calculator to determine how much you will save over the next 15 years with our replacement windows.

Energy Savings Calculator

Avg. Monthly Energy Costs:

Savings:    (Estimated over 15 years)

based on 30% yearly savings, and 3% yearly increase on energy bills

Performance Plus Low-E products are on guard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, delivering annual comfort and energy savings. These “smart” coatings are designed to know where you want the heat, and keep it there. The result is a comfortable and energy efficient home where the windows do the work.


Keeping Solar Heat Outside Minimizes Air Conditioning Expense.

As the seasons change, so do the criteria for comfort. With the arrival of summer or in predominately warmer climates, the focus on energy efficiency changes from heating to cooling–keeping the cool air in and the heat of the sun out. Due to the high trajectory of the summer sun, most solar energy is reflected off objects, such as trees, overhangs or the ground, prior to striking the windows of your home. This redirected or long-wave radiation is selectively rejected by the Performance Plus coatings. This translates into lower air conditioning bills and a more comfortable living environment. The Performance Plus family of Low-E products is also on guard protecting your furniture, carpets and other fabrics. By rejecting nearly all the damaging ultra-violet rays from the sun, Low-E glass keeps your furnishings looking like new, while allowing plant life to flourish.


Keeping the Warmth Inside Helps Minimize Heating Expense.

Low-E Coatings are designed to significantly reduce heat loss during the heating season. Windows and other glass enclosures are responsible for up to 35% of a home’s heat loss. Controlling the heat loss means controlling your heating bills. The Performance Plus Low-E family works hard to put money back in your pocket by keeping the heat where you want it. These seasonably smart coatings allow the passage of the sun’s warm solar energy into the home during the winter while preventing the heat inside from escaping. The result is a difference you can feel.
Due to the heat-reflecting properties of Low-E, the inside glass temperature of your windows will remain closer to room temperature. The result is a considerable decrease in the potential for condensation, or sweating, which can lead to water damage of surrounding woodwork and window treatments.